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Castalure Manufacturing Ltd. has just partnered with MFS.

MFS is a partner of Lure Enterprises Inc. and is located in Atlantic Canada and is now distributing all Castalure's products throughout the Atlantic Provinces and central Canada.

Additionally, effective immediately, MFS will take over some of the Castalure products manufacturing.
As part of this agreement, Castalure Manufacturing Ltd. will start distributing MFS products in the Pacific Provinces as well as in central Canada.

While maintaining a very high quality of product standard, this partnership will undoubtedly largely increase the product selection and expedite the product delivery.

We are currently actively looking for Canadian Distributors or Wholesalers for our fishing products.

We are a Canadian fishing tackles / fishing lures manufacturer , distributor and wholesaler. We are also a distributor and wholesaler of fishing equipment and accessories. Having our own fishing lure / fishing tackle factory is enabling us to offer a great competitively priced product that is assembled in Canada.

We wholesale and distribute fishing lures, fishing tackles, fishing equipment and accessories at a factory direct price.
Manufacturing of OEM products will be considered upon request.

(Generally, an OEM is the company that makes a part that is marketed by another company typically as a component of the second company's product.)

If you are interested in becoming a Castalure / MFS Distributor or Wholesaler, please contact us.

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